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How to write an essay about yourself: Top 7 winning tips

How to write essay about yourself

You may face quite a challenge once you have to write an essay about yourself, even though you are the person who knows yourself best. The reason for that lies in tons of information that you have and the necessity to reflect on yourself. In addition, it may be hard to focus on the specific moment of your life, which describes you best: there is so much impressive in your life that choosing only one event may seem impossible. Nevertheless, we are going to introduce you top 7 tips which will definitely help you to write an essay about yourself. 

Question yourself

Asking yourself a few simple questions may help you to understand what to write about. For instance, you may think about the event which affected your individuality the most or the most significant challenges you have faced in your life. Apart from that, you may also try to identify yourself through the “who am I?” question. Do you identify yourself as a loving son or a hard-working student? Event his information tells a lot about your personality.

Stick to one event or period

Although you are obviously affected by lots of events which have taken place in your life, try to focus on something specific. Write about the particular event which had the most substantial impact or the most challenging time in your life. In such a way, you will make your essay coherent and avoid problems with its flow. 

Appeal to emotions

While the majority of academic essays require some sort of sharpness and rigor, self-description and autobiography may be (and even should be) emotional. No-one will be interested in a dull, emotionless story of your life; instead, an affective narrative will catch the attention of your audience. To achieve this, try to use vivid descriptions and emotional words; roughly speaking, show, don’t tell.

Show your weakness

Another way to achieve the emotional weight of your text is to show your vulnerabilities. People do not tend to show their weakest parts of nature to others — but it’s a great technique that will make your essay sound more natural and exciting. Why else would the majority of readers prefer villains to the perfect heroes without any flaws?

Give examples

When we write the regular academic essay, we have to provide argumentation to each point, right? Same story with your self-description: for each general statement, try to provide at least one example from your life that proves it. It is not enough to say that you are brave; instead, telling the story about yourself saving a drowning boy will get your point straight to the audience. 

Implement a personal writing style

Your essay about yourself will be even stronger if you write it in the specific style. For instance, you may prefer specific types of sentences, or using rhetorical questions, or unusual words. While all of this might be not recommended in the regular essays, in self-description writings, you have a wide field for experiments. Using your personal writing style will only strengthen the impact of your essay.

Stay yourself

Of course, you might face the temptation to make some stories up so that your essay could create a wow-effect. However, such an approach may sound fake to the audience who might know you well. Besides, it will deviate from the rest of your text. Instead of thinking about the possible scenarios which have never happened, focus on the events which you value the most. Even many professional writers prefer to write their text based on real-life events as the latter is usually much more interesting than any fiction.

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