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How to Wake Up Early Without Hating Mornings

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Even if you are that kind of person who sleeps till the afternoon, while studying, you have to love mornings. The reason for that is your schedule: the majority of classes are held in the morning, so you will have no chances to sleep till late or as much as you want to. I know that it sounds like a disaster, but let’s face it — you don’t have much choice. The good news is that I have gathered some tips for you, which will make the morning not that unpleasant. Maybe, eventually, you will even love them. 

Go to Bed Early

That sounds obvious, I know, but that is among the most powerful things which will help you to wake up early. Once you start to go to bed at 10-11 pm, your body will have the necessary time for the rest and will leave you fewer problems when waking up in the morning. Moreover, it is essential for each person to sleep somewhere between 12 and 4 am to have the maximum benefit. So try not to sit on Reddit for a long time, resting in the bed instead.

Have a regime 

That sounds pretty boring, but have a fixed sleeping schedule really helps. Create two alarms on your phone: one for getting to sleep and the second one for getting up in the morning. You will hate its melody during the first week; and, yes, you will have so many problems with getting awake during the first days. But after that you will feel the difference: it will take only a few minutes to fall asleep and the same amount of time to get up from the bed.

Finish Your Dinner Early

I am not talking about the necessity to leave a 2-hour gap between eating and going to bed, which should make your sleep healthier and stronger. The reason I recommend you to have dinner a few hours before going to bed is your morning hunger. The feeling of an empty stomach and the willingness to eat at least something will push you out of bed in seconds.

Have a Yummy Breakfast

Even if it’s a chocolate muffin, which will be left on your hips for some time, treat yourself well and let yourself start the morning with a portion of tasty food. That may be something prepared in advance or just a coffee from the Starbucks nearby: make sure that it boosts your motivation to get up at least a bit. 

Add Something Enjoyable 

Have something available only during the morning: for instance, let yourself have a warm bath, meditate, or order a favorite croissant with the discount. The key is to have it only in the mornings: make sure that you don’t let yourself go during the evenings or nights. In such a case, you will always have something to look forward to and receive pleasure from your morning routine.

Have a Morning Plan

It’s great to know what you are going to do in the morning: you will distribute your time correctly and will have less time for procrastination in bed. Moreover, you will somehow feel more energy, knowing that some things should be done. Just make sure that at least a small portion of them will bring you joy. 

Open the Curtains

Never sleep with your curtains being shut: it is so much harder to wake up in the dark room than in the one which is full of daylight. When the weather is good, you may even have more motivation to wake up and go out as the sunshine will positively affect your mood and boost your energy level. 

Forget about Snoozing the Alarm

Never, literally, never snooze your alarm. Yes, it brings so much pleasure to lie down in bed for at least a few minutes more — but it also makes the whole waking up process only more painful. That is why try to wake up right after your phone starts to ring and never consider lying a bit again. 

Do you have some personal morning rituals that help you to wake up? If so, please share them in the comments section below. Thank you!

how to wake up early without hating mornings

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