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How to Survive Your First Year in College

How to survive your first year in college

Your first year as a student will define all the following studying process you are going to have (no pressure, though :). That’s why you should be prepared for it before you actually start studying and make your first mistakes. I have gathered ideas of tens of students on how you can survive your first year and prepared an ultimate freshman guide. 

Be prepared for the difficult tasks

Studying in a college is nothing like it was in your high school. Your professors will be stricter, and the tasks will be harder. Like, much harder. So don’t waste your time thinking that life is unfair, and don’t be sure that you will cope with everything as easy as in high school. Start to put much effort right away in order not to catch up with everything at the last minute. 

Make useful connections

College is full of cool, fun, and interesting people, so try to be open-minded and easygoing. Besides getting a wonderful experience of meeting new people, you will also be able to gain valuable advices from older peers, help with studying, and invitations to outstanding events. 

Establish yourself as a diligent student

Show (or imitate) sincere interest in the studying process to your professors. Try to attend all the classes first, be active, and always ask questions. Professors like active students who are not afraid of being wrong and sharing their thoughts. Moreover, many professors tend to be influenced by the halo effect, so if you seem diligent to them from the very beginning, they will consider you the same during the next semesters. 

Learn to make notes

Notes will save your a**, so don’t neglect them even if you cannot cope with the tempo at first. Try to use abbreviations and write only the main ideas to write as much as possible. With time, you will get used to this practice and will start writing much faster. Don’t forget to ask your colleagues for the notes or clarifications if you didn’t manage to write an essential part of the material given. 

You cannot know everything. Deal with it.

You may try really hard and stay in the library all the time — but you will not be able to learn, memorize, and know everything. And it’s perfectly normal! Some subjects will be exciting and easy for you, while others not, so don’t push yourself to the limit by forcing you to learn everything.

Plan your time

Even if you are not that organized, try to make plans for the few days ahead, or, at least, for the following day. It will make your days so much easier as you will have more time for all your activities. Get yourself a cute planner or use online tools, if it’s more convenient for you. You can even use the basic calendar tool on your phone. Just try to organize all the things you need and want to do to have enough time for all of them.

Get enough sleep

I know that the first year of college is full of new crazy experiences, so you might not want to waste your valuable time for rest. And during the first weeks, you will feel great: you will sleep less, but study and go out more. However, in a month or so, you will start to feel really tired, which will leave you with no power for further activities. This is why I recommend you to sleep well from the very beginning: maybe you will have to skip a few parties because of that, but your body and mind will eventually be grateful. 

Have fun

College is not only about studying in the library, visiting lectures, and preparing for the exams. There is also plenty of things to do out of the classroom: you can look for the parties, students’ organizations, or groups of interest as well. Such leisure will give you additional energy and help to socialize in the new environment. 

Do you have favorite advices that help you in a college? Be sure to share them in the comments section!

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