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How to Improve Your Writing Skills in Five Easy Steps

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Of course, you won’t become Tolkien; however, the writing process will not be a real disaster for you. And if you think that you don’t need to develop writing skills at all — think again, as each student should prepare lots of papers throughout their studying. Check out my guide below to see how you can improve your writing without much effort. 

Read a Lot!

Create a habit of constant reading — and I don’t mean books only. Read anything you like — from huge fantasy books to posts on Facebook; there is only one rule here — try to read those authors who have a well-developed writing style. Start following engaging influencers or writers, check some blogs on Medium, and bookmark several online magazines on your favorite topic. All this information will soon help you to expand your vocabulary and get used to the specific types of writing. As a result, you will write in a similar manner automatically, subconsciously trying to imitate people you read.

Practice Even More

You cannot develop your writing skills without practice. Of course, I am not asking you to write two essays instead of one that you have to prepare or start a personal diary, referring to childhood times. Some specialists advise creating a blog where you could share your ideas and practice your writing; however, according to my experience, only a few people actually post in their blog on a regular basis. Here is why: while posting our writings, we subconsciously expect that someone will read it and appreciate our talent; if that doesn’t happen, we lose motivation and avoid further writing. Therefore, I don’t recommend trying a “blogging” thing unless you are really interested in having a personal blog. Instead, you can control the things you write daily: I mean, your Instagram posts, tweets, Youtube comments, and messages to your friend. So next time, instead of sending a voicemail to your peer, spend a few additional minutes and write a properly developed story. 

Always Check Readability of Your Text

If you write something besides posts and messages — like essays or long texts — consider checking them for readability. There are lots of online tools that can help you with that (and lots of them will do that for free): they will show the weak points of your writing manner and explain the possible ways for improvement. Still, be sure to actually read advices carefully instead of confirming the changes automatically. In such a way, you will be able to get rid of the writing habits that negatively affected the flow and readability of your writing. 

Look for Synonyms

We all have a set of favorite words that we use constantly. However, almost all of them have synonyms — and you should use it to make your texts sound interesting. Therefore, each time you write a piece of text — again, even if it’s just a message, try to look for a few synonyms to substitute some of your words. You can use Thesaurus or other similar services for this — just make sure that the new synonym perfectly fits in the context. Not all these words will stay in your vocabulary; still, a significant portion of them will start to appear in your writing. 

Listen to the Professionals

If you have some time, check Youtube videos, online courses, or a book of the well-known author (it would be great if you like his writing manner as well): many professional writers are glad to share their secrets with the audience. You can book an online course or training if you are that interested in writing; if not, several videos or one really good book will do. Personally, I recommend “On Writing” by Stephen King, both because I love his books, and I find his manual really helpful. However, you can choose among an immense variety of other writers: I am sure that you will find some valuable advices in their books. 

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