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Everyday Habits that Kill Your Energy

habits that kill your energy

We all have bad habits that affect our lives negatively. Some of them bring a lot of pleasure (and that’s why we have them), while others are just hard to get rid off. However, there are also several habits that can affect each and every day of your life, while you can even not pay attention to them. Check the list of the most dangerous students everyday habits below. 

Irregular or poor diet

It’s hard to eat right, especially when you are a freshman: there is so much interesting going on every minute, so spending that time on eating sounds ridiculous. Moreover, there is a cozy heart-warming food at home and there is that awful tasteless food at college. Of course, you might wish to eat something cheap and fast in preparation. However, such a habit will quickly gift you several pounds, as well as will kill your energy level within few weeks. You will start feeling more tired and less capable of any activity (even the mental one), so try to avoid junk food as much as possible.


The learning process is a huge stress, and it tends to increase with your academic level. The tasks are getting harder, while the professors are becoming stricter. Every day you need to do something that might not give you a lot of pleasure: prepare the study projects, visit the lectures, participate in the group discussions etc. All that creates a stressful environment that you should deal with. Regardless of the problems, take it easy: don’t blame yourself for the things you haven’t managed to do and try to relax from time to time. Stress can easily reduce your energy level, so each time you feel like there is too much of everything, just take a break and spend some time for yourself.

Sleeping in Late

Again, having a lot of things to do, you may think that sleep is something you can sacrifice. This is the most typical mistake the students tend to make. First few days you will be feeling fine; however, in a few weeks, you will feel awfully (and look as well!). The body needs time to rest, and this time should take place during the night. It is natural for the human organism to sleep when it is dark and stay awake when it isn’t. Correct sleeping routine will help you look great and feel much more energetic. 

Not Living in a Moment

You might find yourself in a constant waiting mode: waiting for the end of the lecture, for the weekend, for the holidays, or for a spring break. Still, while waiting, you will skip lots of enjoyable moments that the student’s life is full of. So try to focus on the moment you are living in instead of waiting for other things to happen. 

Complaining constantly

The student’s life isn’t easy: you have to do a lot of things every day, you may feel stressed often, and usually you are far from home and your family. All these factors may weaken your optimism; however, don’t even think about the possibility to complain. When complaining, you will focus on the problems instead of thinking about the ways they can be solved. Moreover, you will spend lots of energy on that. Therefore, try focus on the positive things or on the ways the negative ones can be solved. 

Excessive Hobbies

Hobbies make our lives easier and more pleasurable. However, they can also steal your time and energy. Spending an hour on two playing on Playstation is a great way to relax after the lessons, but playing the whole night definitely isn’t. Try to limit your hobbies to have some spare time for socialization, mindfulness, and rest. 

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