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APA 7th Edition: What’s New?

apa style: what's new?

From time to time, the standards of academic papers are revisited. As a result, the formatting of your paper may become outdated due to the new rules. Not long ago, APA, one of the most widespread types of format, received a few changes. There are not many of them, but they are essential if you wish your paper to correspond to all the peculiarities of academic standards. So what’s new in APA 7?

Expanded Title Page

First of all, there are now two kinds of them — the professional and the student’s version. Both of them require additional information besides the title, author’s name, and institutional affiliation. As a student, you should now include course title and number, instructor name, and assignment due date. Besides, there is no need to write “Running head” and the title of the paper in the header for the student’s paper: from now on, you should just indicate the page number. 

No Need to Indicate Publisher’s Location

You don’t need to indicate the city and the state of the publisher. The citation will now look as follows: 

  • Old: King, S. (2001). On writing: A memoir of the craft. London, UK: Hachette. 
  • New: King, S. (2001). On writing: A memoir of the craft. Hachette. 

DOIs Are Formatted as Links

You don’t need to indicate the “doi” label anymore: simply insert it as a link at the end of the references. 

  • Old: doi: 10.1080/02626667.2018.1560449
  • New: https://doi.org/10.1080/02626667.2018.1560449

No Need to Indicate More Than Three Authors

Previously, you should have indicated up to 5 authors in the in-text citations. Now, you can simply write “et al.” if the source is written by more than three authors.

  • Old: (Walker, Wang, Hamdi, Monbouquette, & Maidment, 2007).
  • New: (Walker et al., 2007).

The necessity to Indicate Up to 20 Authors in the References

While you don’t need to indicate many authors in the in-text citations, from now on, you should indicate up to 20 authors in the references. 

  • Old: Miller, T. C., Brown, M. J., Wilson, G. L., Evans, B. B., Kelly, R. S., Turner, S. T., … Lee, L. H. (2018).
  • New: Miller, T. C., Brown, M. J., Wilson, G. L., Evans, B. B., Kelly, R. S., Turner, S. T., Lewis, F., Lee, L. H., Cox, G., Harris, H. L., Martin, P., Gonzalez, W. L., Hughes, W., Carter, D., Campbell, C., Baker, A. B., Flores, T., Gray, W. E., Green, G., … Nelson, T. P. (2018).

No More “Retrieved From”

You don’t need to type “retrieved from” in the references before the link. Just put the link after the website name and italicize the title of the source. The website name is now included in the references unless it is the same as the author’s name.

New Fonts

The 7th edition is much more flexible in choosing the fonts than the previous ones: you can now use Calibri 11, Arial 11, Lucida Sans Unicode 10, Times New Roman 12, and Georgia 11. 

There are also various clarifications regarding citing specific sources, as well as on the use of gender-neutral words and descriptions. You can check all the requirements in the full version of the APA manual or stick to your professor’s instructions. 

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