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6 Things That Will Ruin Your Essay + Infographics

Things that can ruin your essay

Studying is an extremely time-consuming process: it’s not surprising that we all want to make the process as easy and as painless as possible. This is why many students prefer to save time while studying by using different hacks or simply avoiding some routine actions. However, some of the latter might be too essential to skip and will further cause problems with grades. You can find the list of them below.

Leaving it to the very last minute

That may sound obvious, but, well, let’s be honest: we all love to leave the least pleasant things to do for the very end. At the same time, having everything prepared in advance will reduce your stress level and ensure the high quality of completed tasks. 

Skipping proofreading 

You may consider your texts outstanding while writing. You may also be sure that your typing skills are exceptional, so typos are impossible in your text. You may even think that everything in your paper is coherent. However, try to read your essay once again: I am sure that you will have at least a few points which could be improved (but usually many sentences would not probably sound as you intended initially). 

Writing too big (or too small) paragraphs

Balance is everything. A good essay will even look properly: all the paragraphs (except for introduction and conclusion) will look almost identical in their length. In case some parts of your essay are too short, and others are too long, I have some bad news for you: your writing will not be considered coherent, while the overall flow of the paper may be inconsistent as well. Therefore, try to maintain the same lengths of all the paragraphs and never make them shorter than 4 sentences.

Adding useless sentences

Word count is not a pleasant thing, especially when you are already completely out of thoughts. That is why many students prefer adding empty sentences or empty phrases to the paper: while having to benefits in terms of the content, they increase the overall word count. However, don’t think that the professors are that stupid: they often get mad when they see such statements are inserted. Try to look for inspiration in other sources rather than adding sentences that have no sense.

Including irrelevant information

Another way to increase a word count is to include out-of-topic statements (or even whole paragraphs). It may seem to be a better idea than adding empty constructions (at least, they do make sense), but your professor will not accept such excerpts as well. Again, it is much better to look for additional arguments on the internet or provide your own opinion on the matter (if possible) rather than write about something that has little or no relation to the topic.

Providing incorrect citations

You may make it on purpose or simply because of forgetting a specific page or a source you have taken the information from. Nevertheless, any misuse of citation is regarded as plagiarism and may lead to serious consequences. Therefore, when you are writing the paper, please make sure that all the information is cited correctly and all the citations provided are real.

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